The Story of Zeracryl®


We at Zeracryl are committed to developing sustainable solutions to help the food industry meet the growing health concerns associated with acrylamide in food products.

Zeracryl has developed a technology that efficiently reduces the content of acrylamide in Fried Potato products, with minimal changes to the manufacturing process.

New legislation on managing Acrylamide has been introduced in EU and California, USA, leading producers to look for sustainable solutions that lower the acrylamide content in fried potato products and increases the raw material utilization.

Lactic Acid Based Acrylamide Reduction

Zeracryl® is based on lactic acid (E270) and reduces the acylamide in fried potato products by 50% or more. Minimal changes are required to the manufacturing process while maintaining yield, product quality, texture, and flavor.

Hoff (owned by potato farmers), a Norwegian manufacturer of fried potato products, has used the Zeracryl® technology for several years. Over this period, Hoff has strengthened its position as Norway’s leading supplier of French fries. 

The Zeracryl® technology is described in an article published in the Integrative Food, Nutrition and Metabolism Journal, June 2020.

About Acrylamide

Acrylamide is a carcinogenic substance formed through the so-called Maillard reaction which takes place when certain starchy foods like French fries, Potato chips and Cereals have undergone heat treatment above 120 degrees celcius. It is formed from free asparagine and reducing sugars.