Research and development is the basis for all our products. Our researchers have extensive experience from research within the field of food, aquaculture and agriculture.

Extensive testing have been carried out to document the effect of Zeracryl® in reducing the acrylamide level in fried potato products.

Several patents have been granted in connection with the development of the Zeracryl® technology. The first patent was filed in 2002 as a result of extensive experiments conducted by scientists associated with Nofima, a leading institute for applied research within the fisheries, aquaculture and food research. Nofima is a shareholder in Zeracryl®.

The research team has over the years published more than 30 articles involving acrylamide issues.

Unique Lactic Acid Technology

The Zeracryl® technology is based on a unique lactic acid process. Lactic acid is an edible acid (E270) which is approved for use in food production. Lactic acid contributes to fighting aspargine and reducing sugars. The use of lactic acid reduces the pH. This is positive because low pH reduces the formation of Maillard products. The lactic acid has an additional effect by further inhibiting the reaction in which asparagine is converted to acrylamide.